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Drivers Licence and Minimum Age:
A driving license for regular cars is required to rent one of the cars from our fleet. 22 is the minimum age for Fiat Line car and renault Clio car. Other cars minimum age is 25.


Rental Duration:
A one day hire is a 24 hour period from the time of pickup to the same time on the following day. Payment is to be made at the commencement of the hire by either credit card or cash.

All cars are insured with compulsory traffic insurance in borders of Turkey. In addition, all cars have comprehensive coverage to prevent our customer against unjust treatment in the case of any accident.


Extra Insurance:
We call this insurance HTW (Headlights, Tire punctures, windscreen) Insurance. It is extra paid. If you buy this insurance, our company will  be responsible for coverage of damage, when you  have tire puncture,or when your winscreen is broken or your rental car's headlight is broken. How does HTW Insurance procedure work? � You will pay the cost of the repair and spare parts for tires, all light and all glasses which are broken.  After that we will pay back to you under HTW Insurance when your rental pariod has finished if you get HTW insurance at daily cost. If you don�t buy, all responsibility ( repairment of all broken glasses , light and punctured tires) will be yours and all costs will be paid by you.


Fuel Policy:
We deliver your hire car to you with � full of fuel tank. We expect return as same amount of fuel � full of the tank.


During rental process, the hirer must have minimum one credit card (Visa or MasterCard) issued in his name. For economic group vehicles € 150.00 ( one hundert and fifty Euros), for middle class vehicles  € 200.00 ( two hundert Euros) and for upper class vehicles € 250.00 ( two hundert and fifty Euros) is blocked through the hirer�s credit card as a pre-provision. These amounts indicate the minimum limits. These povision limits can be increased according to the model and total rental days. The provision amount is automatically released by the relevant bank wtithin 15-25 days following the termination of the rental period.


Details of the driver's credit card (number, validity date and security number) are taken. No blocking is done. After the end of the lease, the driver's approval of the traffic fines is received by mail, the penalty amount is collected from the credit profit by mail order.

Extension and Cancellation of Rental Period:

In the event that you may wish to extend your rental period, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs, providing:

1) Your account is up to date and you are able to pre-pay for your extended rental period.

2) There are no previous confirmed bookings on the vehicle you have rented during the extension period. Please note we will do our utmost to accommodate you in an alternative vehicle if someone else has pre-booked your vehicle prior to your extension.

Cancellation of Booking:
You can cancel your bookings you have made, by sending us an email.

Early Leave and Return :The vehicle can be returned before the termination of the rental period. In such a case, with no regard to the remaining rental period, 1 day rental is deducted and the balance is refunded. If the payment is made by a credit card, the returned amount is deposited into the credit card account.

Modify and Upgrade of Your Booking:

We allow you to modify your booking prior to picking up your car. You have to inform us at least 5 days ago before your rental period that we need to check the possibilty to arrange your change request. Any change to a booking will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made. This may be greater or lesser than the price originally booked. This applies to changes made to: Pickup location, drop off location, pick up date and time, drop off time and date, vehicle group, extras, all other additional products.

An upgrade is changing from the reserved vehicle category to a higher vehicle category.
Upgrades are offered at time of rental depending on vehicle availability. An additional charge may apply.
Upgrades are free for the next higher vehicle category if your reserved vehicle is not available.

All speeding, parking, and any other traffic infringements, incurred by the vehicle you have rented during your rental period, will be your responsibility.

While we deliver your rental car to you, you will sign a mail order form in which your credit card details is written by you. One copy will stay with you and other copy will stay with us. If you get a traffic fine during your rental period, and if this fine arrives us after your return, this amount will be deducted from your credit card.

Speed Limit:
In city center the speed limit is maximum 50km/hr.
On the highways , speed limit differs. Please see below:

Divided Motorways:

  • at divided roads speed limit is 110km/hr for for cars.
  • for Fiat Doblo and Minibus , at divided roads speed limit is 90km/hr.
  • for Suzuki Jeep, at divided roads speed limit is 80km/hr.

Normal Motorways ( two directions , one arrival, one return) (not divided):

  • at normal motorways ( two directions , one arrival, one return) (not divided) speed limit is 90km/hr
  • for Fiat Doblo and Minibus , at normal motorways speed limit is 80km/hr.
  • for Suzuki Jeep, at normal motorways speed limit is 70km/hr.

Accidents or Breakdowns:

You should report the accident to Dalaman Car Hire Company as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours. You must call 155 POLICE / when you are in the city/town) or 156 GENDARME(military police)(when you are on off roads in villages) immediatelly. You have to keep the car in accident position and mustn�t move. You should get accident report and alcohol test immediatelly.

Our vehicles are covered by 24-hour roadside assistance. The details of who to contact in the event of a breakdown are generally left in the rental aggrement.

Our vehicles are all provided with a spare tyre and hirers are expected to change flat tyres. Our staff will tell you the place of spare tyre and equipments while introducing rental car to you. If you wish to use the roadside assistance service the charges will be passed to you� However if you buy  HTW insurance while you are renting your car, we will refund  this amount back to you which you paid for fixing the tire. We pay back  when your rental period has finished and you are turning back (at the airport).

Key Lose:

We can provide a replacement key. The delivery time will depend on location and a fee will be charged for new keys and service to bring the key to you. Renters commonly lock keys inside the rental car. As a friendly reminder - try and put the keys in your pocket immediately upon taking them out of the ignition. That way there is little chance of locking the keys in the car. If this does happen or you lose the keys, call to Dalaman Car Hire Company .

Mileage Limits: No mileage limit is applied for rentals for 7 days or more. This involves driving for unlimited mileage. However, in rentals for 1 to 6 days, mileage per day is limited to 325 kilometres. In the event the vehicle exceeds this limit, 2.00TL shall be charged per kilometre as the limit exceeding fee " " " " " " " " " " "