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You dream a romantic holiday, or you are just married and would like to make an unforgettable honeymoon holiday. We know a unique place for you called as KALKAN.
"The Independent� newspaper published in England announced Kalkan as "dreamiest holiday place of the year�. In the news also following information take a place; Kalkan is "a sunny place even in the middle of winter season�, and "a very good choice for newly-wed couple�. There are not only romanticisim and natural beauty in Kalkan, there is also 3 thousands of years Lycia Civilasition heritage in there.
There are 600 English citizens who came to Kalkan for Holiday and decided to buy a house in Kalkan.
Kalkan is officialy connected to Antalya city, but it is closer to Fethiye. We advice you to rent a car in Kalkan before you come here. Because there are many places around Kalkan worth to visit. If you do not have a car with you it is very difficult to reach that places. Another reason to rent a car in Kalkan is that the beaches are not just front of the hotels. Beaches are not too far but they are located under road level and its way are slope, that is why it is easier to go and come back from beaches with a car. You can choose your rental car according to your family members quantity from our wide vehicle range.
"Your soul will rest amoung Kalkan�s narrow streets, whitewashed old houses and always sunny wide balconies.Old stone houses with roof terrace are used as sweet pensions. During the breakfeast at these terrace you can not forget panoramic views. The name "Kalkan� is also used for a fish species called "turbot�. You will love delightfull fish menus in Kalkan.

Kalkan is 126 km away from Dalaman airport.
The mobile phone numbers we gave to our customers is always reachable. We guarantee you that whenever you need any assistance you will find a Dalaman Car Hire Company stuff at the other side of the phone line pleased to help you.
For any question please do not hesitate to contact with us.
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