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When you are coming to Kas do not limit your holiday plan, because we are sure that you can not leave this sweet seaside town easily.
Kas got its name from the place it located called as Cukurbag Peninsula in mediterranean sea. Cukurbag Peninsula is in a brow shape. Kas means brow in Turkish language.
Many people has a dream of moving to a sweet, silent and peaceful place to live. Kas is that place where you can transform your dream to reality.
Wonderful landscape, turquosie blue sea, jasmine smelly narrow streets and historical stone houses is only a few unforgetable speciality of Kas. Another remarkable speciality of Kas is that a Greek island called as Meis 3 sea miles away, could be seen by naked eye.
Kas is in the list of the best 100 diving place in the world, attracting diving tourists.
You will make detox an refresh your self with fresh and natural mediterranean foods in Kas. Apiculture and viticulture are mainstay of Local people in Kas, they are selling rich variety of honeys and grape molasses.
We are happy to offer you our good quality comfortable rental cars. If you rent a car earlier you can save more money to spent during you explore Kas. Rent a car in Kas will be very helpful in order to make your daily trips to places we mentioned above. If you have big luggage, do not worry you can choose proper vehicle from our wide range of rental family type cars; rent a minibus, rent a minivan, rent a station wagon car, rent a doblo car.
We recommend you to see mainly following places to see around Green and Blue Kas;
Your safety is our first priority that is why our rental cars periodical maintenance done on time. Child Car Seat and GPS could be supplied as an option with our rent a car service.
We are proud of offering perfect and professional rent a car service for more than 20 years.
Whenever you need any assistance, we guarantee you that you can reach to our stuff at the other side of the phone line and ready to help you even in the middle of the night.
Please do not hesitate to contact with us.
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